Why Kashi of all the places ??

Three names..Two rivers..One Location !!
October 6, 2018
Legend says when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati stood in Kashi, time started to tick for the first time ever. This is one of the main reasons why we at IIP have chosen to try depicting the essence of Kashi at our gallery as this is the first event organized wholly by us since the clocks of IIP have started ticking.

Our aim is not to show you Kashi`s beauty visually through photographs, that would be like witnessing a rainbow which has just one color. Our aim is to make you feel Kashi in every possible way including auditory, olfactory senses and even sense of touch!

A place which holds more than 3 millennia of life has an unimaginable number of things within it and we feel immense pride in depicting its crucial highlights within our campus. This not only gives a recollection of memory to those who have visited the place sometime in their life but also gives an insight to those who are yet to visit. Children will get to know the land they are living on and learn how rich it is with respect to culture, history and tradition.

We are not conducting an exhibition but celebrating a festival, hence the name Kashi Ek Utsav.

A celebration of 24 days, of art, music, culture and food. A celebration of prominent things like the Banaras silk. A celebration of love, joy and history.

What more are we doing? Experience it yourself at IIP gallery in Noida from October 10th.

Save the date and join the celebration.

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